24oz Black Sesame Seed Brittle Bits

24oz Black Sesame Seed Brittle Bits

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We make a lot of black sesame seed toffee brittle but not every piece looks perfect and just because it's doesn't look perfect doesn't mean it doesn't taste perfect. This is where we get our big bag of "bits". All the same ingredient, but in "bit" form. 

Mix into your cookie batter, ice cream or oatmeal... or top off your yogurt.

Toasty, roasted black and white sesame seeds, Dandelion Chocolate's 70% Camino Verde chocolate, kosher sea salt and brown sugar set our brittle apart. Furthermore, our dark, buttery toffee is thinly layered between dark chocolate resulting in a perfectly light and crispy brittle that is richly satisfying and sure to leave you craving for more. :: GOOD FOOD AWARD WINNER :: 

Our Black Sesame Seed Brittle is handcrafted in small batches using only the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients.

Packaged in our air-tight stand-up pouch. Net weight at least 24oz.

Ingredients: Dark (70% Camino Verde, Ecuador - cocoa beans, cane sugar), butter, brown sugar, black and white sesame seeds, kosher sea salt. Contains dairy.

Shelf life - 6 months with proper storage in a cool, dry place.