Milk Tea
Earl Grey Tea and Vanilla bean milk dark milk hearts of chocolate truffles seasonal 2.4oz 6 pieces per box London Fog cocoa powder bergamot award winning

Milk Tea

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This boba tea-inspiration is made with earl grey tea combined with dark-milk chocolate ganache and tossed in cocoa powder. It's our newest unshelled chocolate truffle. No hard, chocolate shell means it immediately melts in your mouth. 
6 pieces

Net weight 2.4oz.

Packaged in our premium, emerald green, heavy-stock paper box that is completely recyclable.

Ingredients: Dark milk chocolate (cane sugar, milk, cocoa butter, cacao beans, sunflower lecithin, vanilla beans), cream, black tea, bergamot oil, cocoa powder. 

Contains milk. Manufactured in a facility that uses tree nuts.