Closed 2 dimensional green rectangle box with a label wrapped around the center of the box stating, “Almond Butter Smoked Sea Salt” with NeoCocoa logo and net weight 2.4 oz (69g). With a single image of an Almond Butter truffle with a little bit of cocoa powder sprinkles.
View from above of the opened “Almond Butter Smoked Sea Salt” with six chocolate truffles arranged in two rows, 3 truffles per row, each in paper candy cup.

Almond Butter & Smoked Sea Salt

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Inspired by the more traditional chocolate and peanut butter pairing, our almond butter truffle is a nutty combination with a twist. The roasted almond butter and 72% dark chocolate ganache is topped with an applewood smoked sea salt for a slightly savory confection that makes this one of our signature truffle flavors.

6 pieces

Net weight 2.4oz.

Packaged in our premium, emerald green, heavy-stock paper box that is completely recyclable.

Ingredients: Bittersweet chocolate (chocolate liquor, sugar, sunflower lecithin, pure vanilla), cream, invert sugar, almond butter, applewood smoked sea salt.

Contains milk and tree nuts.

Shelf life - 6 weeks with proper storage in a cool, dry place