2 dimensional angle of a closed 8oz silver box with title of “Toffee Nib Brittle” and a green NeoCocoa logo.
2 dimensional angle of opened 8oz silver box with title of “Toffee Nib Brittle” with green NeoCocoa logo and 8oz pile candy pieces inside the box bottom and 3 pieces of candy spilling out.
Close up of several pieces of nib brittle candy stacked.

8oz Toffee Nib Brittle

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The toffee brittle flavor that started it all! When we decided it was time to create a new crispy confection, we thought that an update on traditional toffee was in order. Inside our delicious, buttery, brown sugar toffee you will find cacao nibs studding the candy like perfect gems. Your taste buds will sing when they detect a subtle hint of salty smokiness coming from the addition of alderwood smoked sea salt that grazes the top layer of 72% dark chocolate. This is a toffee made for the true chocolate lover, or even the toffee traditionalist. 

Bring a half-pound box of brittle to your next gathering, and you will always be invited back. The perfect size for someone who likes to keep a secret candy stash.


- Good Food Award Winner 

Our artisan Toffee Nib Brittle is handcrafted in small batches using only the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients.

Packaged in our premium, modern silver paper box that is completely recyclable.

Net weight 8oz.

Ingredients: Bittersweet chocolate (chocolate liquor, sugar, sunflower lecithin, pure vanilla), organic brown sugar, organic butter, cacao nib, alderwood smoked sea salt.

Contains dairy.

Store in a cool, dry place.